News Release

Registration of patent on HSP70 (Heat Shock Protein 70) peptides for cancer immunotherapy in Europe

This invention provides peptides including continuous 8 or more amino acid residues from an amino acid sequence comprising HSP70 (Heat Shock Protein 70) protein and can be used as immunity inducer through binding to HLA class I molecule on APCs (Antigen Presenting Cells) such as DCs (Dendritic Cells). Each peptide binds to the HLA (Human Leucocyte Antigen) molecule of HLA-A*24:02, 02:01 and 02:06 and induces CTL (Cytotoxic T Cell) immunity of patients having any of these alleles, and thus can cover broad HLA population (around 85% of Japanese and 60% of Caucasian). This unique feature of multiple-HLA reactivity was realized by fully exploiting the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence)-based binding prediction system developed by NEC Corporation. Cytlimic proprietary cancer vaccine CYT001 uses a HSP70 peptide in the present invention as an active ingredient.
This invention was developed in a joint research of Yamaguchi University Graduate School of Medicine, Kochi Medical School and NEC Corporation, and is currently 100% owned by Cytlimic.